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  • Scientific and medical communication
    • Journal manuscripts
    • Abstracts and posters
    • Book chapters
    • Literature reviews
  • Content for websites, promotional pieces, and more
“Suzanne has both solid publication experience and excellent communication skills in English dealing with scientific information. She has demonstrated the ability to organize and present scientific data. Her writing is clear and logical with an emphasis on detail.”Dr. Rose Raskin, Professor Emerita, Purdue University


  • Copyediting
    • Checks for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, word usage, and other mechanical issues.
    • Identifies areas that may need clarification or restructuring.
  • Developmental Editing
    • More involved than copyediting, this includes evaluating the structure and flow of the information and may involve reorganizing and rewriting material for clarity, concision, and accuracy.
“Suzanne is able to identify errors in logical flow within a manuscript overall as well as identifying specific improvements for sentence structure. Critically, while improving sentence structure and making material easy for the reader to understand, she maintains the meaning of the work.”Dr. Fern Tablin, Professor, University of California, Davis

Publication Services

  • Proofreading: Ensures that the changes you made match the publication ready text.
  • Formatting: Makes your documents conform to specifications.
  • Literature searches: Gathers the latest literature on your topic.
  • Post-submission assistance: Drafts responses to peer-reviewer and editor comments.
“Suzanne’s publication record is strong and has breadth by encompassing a variety of publication formats and targeting different audiences. Suzanne’s thought process is logical and methodical.”Dr. John Christian, Associate Professor, Purdue University